Dog Collar - Soft Milled Leather 'Tan' - Kaseta


Looking for leather dog collar for your pet? Soft veg-tan leather dog collar, not only hand dyed but crafted from scratch. You might be pleasantly surprised how wonderful this leather dog collar is. Black leather collar is just one of possible options. Can be purchased as a set collar and leash. 

 Soft luxury genuine leather dog collars and leads made from milled veg-tan leather with no nasty chemicals such as chrome, and no nasty smells, all collars are custom made after order is placed.

sizes: width of a collar  1" or 2.5cm
XS 7.5''-9,5'' 19cm-24cm (3/4 2cm wide)
S 10"-13,5" 25.5-33cm
M 13"-16.5'' 33-42cm
L 16"-19.5'' 40.5-50cm

Possible Logos on Collars - 'No logo' 'Rose logo' for girls, 'Bull logo' for boys.